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The goal of this project was to create a logo and branding materials for Pacific Calm, a health spa and fitness center in the Pacific Northwest catering to women and specializing in yoga.


The logo and all branding materials needed to exude a sense of calmness, serenity and include some aspects of the Pacific Northwest, ideally something related to water or the ocean.

First, I sketched some ideas based off the symbols associated with water: the water drop, ocean, waves, etc... Next I explored some symbols relating to yoga or zen.



Once I settled on a concept, I used the Golden Ratio to create an abstract water drop with waves flowing through to add movement and flow. While experimenting with the waves, I noticed that the negative space was the perfect way to incorporate a Native American influence and create a "tribal" effect.


I wanted the typography to be clean and modern, and to give off a high-end vibe without being fussy. For the main wordmark, I chose Monument Extended and edited the typeface to have slightly softer corners and more space in the center of the "C". On the secondary wordmark, I used Beautifully Delicious Sans and extended the tracking to let the letters breathe.


The colors I chose were based off images of the ocean, rocks and mountains. The primary colors are various shades of aquamarine and light blue, with green greys adding contrast and weight while remaining soft and serene.


Finally, I showed the logo in various promotional mockups to show its versatility and how the brand mark could be separated and used to create patterns and designs on several different materials.

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